Rewalsar (Mandi)

Rewalsar is at a distance of 24 kms from Mandi. It is a sacred place of worship for Bodhs, Sikhs and the Hindus alike. Many legendary stories are related to this place, especially those of Sage Lomas, Padmasambhava and Guru Gobind Singh.

Here the temples of Mani-pani, Shiva, Lakshmi Narayana, Dhajadhari, Mahadev, Dri-Gung-Kagyud and Dugpa-Kagyud monastery and Gurudwara are worth seeing. Even the scenic beauty, landscape and the central lake are worth seeing.

It is a very sacred place for the Hindus because the place and the unfathomable lake with a circumference of about one and a half kilometers is the heritage in penance of the sage Lomas.
Temples of Himachal

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