Renuka Lake (Nahan)

There are various lakes in Himachal which adds to the beauty of hilly regions. Renuka Lake is 36 km from Nahan . Mythology tells that Renuka was the wife of Sage Yamdagni. Sage Parshuram was their son and it is believed that he beheaded his mother Renuka on his father’s order.

Pleased with his son’s obedience sage Yamdagni brought Renuka to life using his powers acquired by religious austerities. Today there is a lake of 1.5 miles diameter and its shape resembles a lady. This lake is named after Renuka. There is a pond named Parshuram Taal.

There are many temples of other local deities and a zoo also. Amidst evergreen forests and mountains, this place provides solitude to every visitor. Renuka fairis celebrated at the lake every year in the month of November.

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