Kamru (a small picturesque & historical village)

Kamru is a small picturesque and historical village near another beautiful village Sangla in Kinnaur districtof Himachal Pradesh. It is 3000 mtrs above sea level. Just above the village Kamru, a Fortress-Capped-Mountain-Top attracts every person in its vicinity. The fort looks like a crown on a queen’s head. This fort is like a prestigious, religious and regal symbol for its people. The fort is a five storeyed unique piece of architecture made out of local stones and timber.

There is an idol of ‘Kamakhya Devi’ on the first floor of the fortress. Other floors are empty. During pre partition India, when the ruler of Bushahar State ruled Kinnaur, the enthronement ceremony used to take place in this fort. Only the devotee who offered a goat for oblation to please the deity could have the ‘Darshan’ (view) of the goddess. The devotee has to wear a cap on his head and tie a woolen thread around the waist before entering the fort to worship the goddess.

Whenever Kamakhya Devi comes out of her temple complex, God Badrinath of Kamru also comes out of his temple and stays in one of the two ‘Kothis’ (rooms meant for the purpose). Badrinathji is the ruler of Kamru. This god rules over Sangla, Chasu, Karcham, Chhitkul, and Shankla etc in addition to Kamru.

The 6 ‘Ratahs’ (chariots) of all the deities from temples of above villages are brought to Kamru Fort every February. This is celebrated as the festival of ‘Dev Milan’ (rendezvous of gods’).
This fort is 440 kms from Hanogi via Shimla -Rampur-Wangtoo and Karcham.

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