Crafts in Himachal

The range of crafts in Himachalis vast and shows many facets of artistic dexterity. The crafts include textiles, woodcarving, architecture, and paintings. It is amazing to see how these hilly people developed such great tradition of artistic excellence despite their tough life.

People of Himachal are involved in various kind of crafts. Amoung these, Wool weaving is the major craft industry. But, the state is also known for its earthenware, stone carving, wood work, metal ware, embroidery, jewelry, basket making, and ritual paintings.

The Pahadi handkerchiefs enjoys a special place among the handicrafts of the Himachali’s. These handkerchiefs are produced in the Chamba , Kangra, Mandi, Bilaspur and Kulu areas.These handkerchiefs are made of square or oblong pieces of cloth and are embroidered all over with silken threads.

Chamba is also known for the design quality of its leather chappals (flat, open shoes) and belts. With less work in the terraced fields, the women devote themselves to weaving the traditional Kulu shawls.

The skills of weaving and embroidery have been given a new dimension in Himachal Pradesh. They have been combined to create traditional outfits for well crafted dolls known as Himachali dolls. The silver jewellery of Himachal Pradesh is one of the oldest handicrafts in the State.

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