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The system of Kinnaur region due to excellent difference in its level, climate

Practical Information

This borderland area with Tibet and Himachal Pradesh of Indian is a fabric of surrealistic elegance of characteristics, chiselled out of natural valleys and orchards, snowfall protected hills, gushing sources… and thrown in between are attractive environments of the descendents of ‘Kinners’. The stunning scene is nothing less than the Lawn of Eden.Kinner from which the area gets its name are the angel demi-gods of the Hindu pantheon. According to Hindu myth the angels, because of the area’s similarity to paradise, select it for their cheerful gaiety and play. Some of them apparently remained back and coalesced with the people, which perhaps is the reason the residents call themselves ‘Kinnauri’ – enfant of Kinners. Kinnaur levels stay almost out of range for nearly six several weeks, being snowfall protected. However the staying six several weeks from May to Oct is a cure to the feelings of the traveler. The NH 22 or the Hindustan-Tibet street from Shimla to Kinnaur 230 km away is a picturesque expand. As you achieve to higher level after making Shimla, the first significant vacationer factor at 64 km from Shimla is Narkanda, the popular ski and activities hotel in the area. This is the entrance to Kinnaur. From here if the elements is clear, you get the first glance of the elegance relaxing forward. From the natural valleys in the forefront to the stunning field of snowfall protected Himalayan walls above, the spectacular scene is the first sign of the elegance up forward.

Best Season: Oct-Mar
Summer season – 18 to 30°C,
Winter season –10 to 15°C

Best Season / Best time to visit Kinnaur

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The position encounters awesome environment for most places of the season and you should travel with winter outfits throughout the season. The summertime are awesome and enjoyable and heat range ranges can fall during the night. Winter seasons are much chillier with the mercury losing significantly during the optimum winter. Rainfall is frequent in the reduced places of Kinnaur.


The summer season season is short in this position and the heat range ranges are much reduced here than in the landmass due to the elevation. Summer time season season begins in July and finishes in the 30 days of Sept. The heat range can be predicted to fall down to around 10°C even during the summer season season. The common day heat range is around 20°C. Light winter outfits is required during the evenings.


The rainfall is generally limited to the reduced places of the area and the raised places get only a certain amount of rainfall and the position is recognized by dry circumstances for many several weeks of the season. The winter in Kinnaur is extremely long; it begins in the 30 days of Oct and finishes in the 30 days of May. Temperatures can fall below the cold factor during the winter several weeks. The biggest heat range that one can anticipate during the winter several weeks is around 13°C.

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