Heavy rains, snow hit normal life in Himachal Pradesh

Heavy rains and snowfall in Himachal Pradesh cut of the several areas like Shimla, Manali and many other parts and has bring down temperatures. This snowfall affected the normal life of Himachal Pradesh people’s. At Saturday night this snowfall was brought down the temperature of Shimla. The minimum temperature of this season was minus 2.4 degrees Celsius and it was experiencly the most coldest night. The “Queen of Hills” Shimla received 15 cm of snow while other states of Himachal, 4 to 6 cm snowfall was recorded and snowfall was continuing. Tourist of Shimla and Manali are very happy to saw the heaviest snowfall in this season.

Vehicular traffic was disrupted cause of slippery roads. People of Shimla suffered a lot of problem as there was no supply of milk, bread, vegetables and other commodities. There is no any area in Himachal, which is untouched by rain and snowfall. With continue snowfall, the temperature was minus 1.2 degrees Celsius in Manali, minus 6.8 degrees in Keylong in Lahaul-Spiti district and minimum temperature of Kalpa and Keylong were minus 2.8 degrees Celsius and minus 11 degrees.

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