Chamba millennium in April, 2006

The Chamba Millennium would be celebrated with great fervor and gaiety in April, 2006 and eminent artistes of international fame invited to perform. This was revealed by Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister, while addressing the Sacred Heart Convent School, Tara Hall students, teachers and parents on the occasion of Annual School Concert dedicated to the Millennium Celebration of Chamba here last evening.

Chief Minister said that Chamba was one of the oldest and historically important town of the State and had completed one thousand years of its existence. He said that the occasion would be marked by grand celebrations wherein eminent artists in different forms of art would be invited to perform.

He said that traditional music, dance, drama, exhibitions, debates and seminars would be organised on the history of the Chamba town besides a number of musical concerts. He said that publications depicting the historical background of the town and replicas of prominent historical monuments would be prepared as souvenirs besides raising some memorial monument dedicated to the millennium celebration.

Virbhadra Singh said that exercise for the grand celebrations had already been started, a number of meetings at various level organised and necessary arrangements were underway so that the occasion could be marked in a befitting manner.

He appealed to the people having valuable mementos, documents, memorials and other artifacts relating to the Chamba town history for exhibiting the same during the celebration so that maximum information was provided to the people visiting the town during the period about the rich cultural heritage and historical importance of the town.

He said that local artifacts and handicrafts would also be available to the people during the celebrations. He also gave call to the local residents Chamba town to volunteer their services and participate actively in the millennium celebration.

Chief Minister said that Himachal Pradesh was culturally a rich State and every district had its own historical importance. He said that the historical legends of Chamba had been composed and a number of songs and lyrical ballads were being performed to acquaint new generation about the background of the town. He said that the ancient temples were witness to the changes, which took place during last one thousand years. He said that the traditional handicraft of the district was still in great demand and the same was being passed on by one generation to the successive generations.

Virbhadra Singh said that similar historical importance was contained by the other old towns of the State, which too have their own distinct identity. He said that there were endless legends, historical monuments and stories about the rest of the State which needed to be rewritten and composed into suitable lyrics and drama forms so that the new generation could be made proud of their rich cultural heritage and history.

Appreciating the musical concern dedicated to the Chamba Millennium celebration, Chief Minister said that the story related to the establishment of the Chamba town and the sacrifice made by the queen of Chamba for helping her King husband bring water to the people of the town.

He said that the history of Chamba was one of the golden chapters of the history of the State whereas a large number of similar chapters were yet to be rewritten. He congratulated the Principal, staff and students, especially music teacher Ms. Poonam Sharma, who directed and choreographed the musical ballad in best of the professional style.

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